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Update: James Kavcic ( diabetic)
Had my endocrinologist this morning. And the results are beginning to show up! Email me if any one is interested in my update this morning 

James Kavcic

I've been taking C60 for two months. I'm 69 years old this year and I have just sailed through the flu season with nothing but a minor cold. I usually live deep in the country so I don't encounter lots of people in my daily life, but this year I went to visit my sons and their families for the holiday season. Both sons have young children and one family lives in Los Angeles, and the other lives in San Diego. One son and his wife got heavy flu symptoms, the other son had mild symptoms and his 5 year old had a cold for the 10 days I was there. I got a light head cold for 5 days which was quickly gone. Though travelling by plane is the best way to get flu and I traveled on 4 aircraft while flying to California and back to Arkansas I stayed healthy. My friend whom I stayed with before I travelled and after it had two heavy chest infections back to back and I was also immune from those infections. 

I can't prove it, but I feel confident that the C60 I've been taking has protected me from the effects of one of the worst flu seasons we've had in decades. So, thanks fellas, for your great product!

Trish House, 2018

I am now on my fourth bottle of the coconut version of your product - I ordered the five pack. I can not begin to tell you how happy I am with the amazing results that I have experienced. So much so that I just received my shipment of the second five bottles - this time trying out the olive oil version. I started with a dropper per day and now on the fourth bottle do two droppers in the AM and two droppers in the PM after my workouts. Prior to my starting this product I had constant pain in my right foot's big toe due to several injuries to the main joint over the course of my life-time (I am 58), and recently from dropping a 10lb weight on it. It was to the point that I was going to finally go to a doctor to have it looked at - and I rarely if ever see a doctor - as I had a nagging pain with every step. I am not sure what the issue was, perhaps calcium build-up, but the joint was swollen, hot and sore at the end of the day with all of the walking that I did at work on concrete floors, not to mention it had very limited mobility as I could hardly bend the toe properly. Starting within the second week I began to notice that the pain was greatly reduced. By the fourth week I was suddenly able to bend the toe in positions that I can not remember doing for many years and by the time I started on my fourth bottle I have no pain anymore and I am able to almost bend my toe now to normal positions. But this is not all of my experience with your C60live! I have noted having a much clearer, sharper mind, sleeping much better, feeling more energetic, and just having a better general sense of well being. I weight train 5 days a week at a very intense level (for my age), and have now noted that I no longer have the typical soreness the following couple of days and in fact my workouts have become very productive and I get the feeling of having a body of a much, much younger person as I seem to not have the residual effects of lactic acid and I seem to be putting on muscle mass much faster than the recent past. I also had soreness in my right rotator cuff from an old injury that would be aggravated from bench presses and that too has now disappeared! I am in absolute amazement of what this product has done to my body and mind! And for the icing on the cake - in the last week I have been experimenting with using this product on my age spots on my face as well as my wrinkles and - to no surprise by the way - I am seeing incredible, almost daily changes of improvement to my skin!! My deep wrinkles are disappearing fast. You guys should look at using C60live as a cosmetic product! (Keep me in mind for a kick-back for the idea please!). LOL. I have been telling all of my friends about my experience with C60live! It is a truly mind blowing experience that I am going through! I was wondering about the possibility of becoming a member of your group study that you have as I would indeed be willing to be monitored for the improvements that I am experiencing. I truly believe that the world will find out that C60live is most certainly a fountain-of-youth formula and I plan on finding out to what extent it has to offer and will continue to give you my feed back as I explore the the power of this amazing product! Thanks again for turning this onto the world and helping mankind. God bless you all. NormSent on: 31 December, 2017Thank you!

Norman Wagner

I ordered 60live in coconut oil on October 22nd 2017. This was during the time there were many back orders. I received it Saturday December 10th. I live in the UAE. I wanted to saturate my system so I began the first three days taking two tablespoons three times a day then I reduced it to two tablespoons for two days then one tablespoon a day all after eating an apple. The first thing I noticed was a drop in my blood pressure with medication is 140/100 or higher. It was 120/82 (while still on meds.) Then I noticed my eyesight which had become blurred cleared. Because of my age I thought I had entered the menopause stage-nope that reversed! Body aches and pains reduced significantly and very noticeable cellulite that was once on my legs has disappeared. Today is December 19th. All of this happened in 9 days!!?? I wake up every day wondering what else will get better. I am so thankful for C60live

Alive Again, 2018

The first time I heard of C60 was when I was watching an interview from Sara Westall.  She was interviewing Clif High when he told the story of the rat study done by the lab to find the toxicity level of C60.  After I heard that, I ordered some and have gone through a process of detox for a couple of weeks. I could only take a few drops at a time. I was having headaches and countered the detox with activated carbon. It was not pleasant, but I knew I needed it. I had hernia surgery about 6 months ago so the C60 seemed like it was healing me around my abdomen area. I also had brain fog. I thought I was having the first stages of Alzheimer's. Then, I noticed drastically that my brain fog was GONE 2 days after taking C60. I could think clearly and words came to me quickly once again. I also did notice now at a higher dosage of a 1/2 dropper in the morning and 1/2 dropper in the late afternoon that I have very little pain. I have had back, neck, and plantar fasciitis in my left foot for months. All the pain is now virtually gone and I can function normally now while bending, stretching, and working without pain.  This is a miracle substance and will change humankind!!
I am forever grateful for the development of C60!!! It is the fountain of Youth!   
God Bless...Bob 

Bob, 2019

I just started using my first bottle about a week ago. I take 1/4 teaspoon per day. I am already noticing changes. My IBS is less severe and I think it may be having an effect on my friendly bacteria as well. I noticed my physical ability is getting better/stronger. Very happy 68 yr old male. I just ordered six more and that says it all!!!

Jeff Ryan, 2019

Just received my first 5 bottles much sooner than I expected.  Looking forward to leaving a review in a few weeks on how well it has worked.  This feels like a company that is more interested in it's customers than in it's profits.  Thanks Don.

Don, 2018

I want to thank you for the bottles you sent after the originals were shipped to me broken.
I have now taken the C60 for a little over a month now.  In the first week I saw a major jump in my energy, would not get restful sleep at night, but I would be full of energy throughout the next day.  

In the last couple of weeks I have noticed my anxiety is lessened and I am able to think clearly and stay focused on the task at hand.  My memory is starting to get a little better.  I have been taking 5-7 dropper fills a day.

So far so good.You and your team are putting out a great product.  Thank you for being an honest company.  

PS: My Wife is breastfeeding, do you have any women who are pregnant or nursing who take this?

Take Care

David Stiles, 2018

My husband and I have been taking C60 in Olive Oil since mid-July. We are currently on Bottle 4. In that time I have seen the following: the tremors from Parkinson's have almost completely disappeared, allowing me to return to playing piano at church!  I have been watching the development of a cataract in my right eye, which has started to break up and recede.My muscle tone is also improving, even without my going to the gym.  We are so grateful to Dr. Danny Williams for telling us about this fine product!
PS - Thanks for all your comments, everyone. Very helpful and inspiring!

Christine Brown, 2018

I have severe arthritis in my knee. As an old soccer player, I have had 3 knee surgeries, 1 stem cell injection, and limited activity to walking and lifting weights. In my 40's I was pretty limited. I took the first 5 bottles over roughly 5 weeks, and I am running around on a soccer joke. Its amazing how little pain I feel in the knee and how much mobility I have gained back. This product is for real. I hope everyone tells their family and friends about it.

JB, 2018

I am diabetic. I started taking C60 on Sept 27th. I started with the olive oil @ 5 mil once per day. The second week 5 mil to 10 mil with an energy increase. The 3rd week 10 mil to 1 full tsp per day. I have not notice any other changes, i think . I think my feet are sensing  a little, but hard to tell  because they weren't completely numb. So there might be a slight change already. My eyes seem the same. But i have noticed my sleep has REALLY improved, Which many diabetics have to deal with.So i am a bus driver and have to do physicals every 6 months with full eye exams and sensory tests. I interested in all my blood levels, which are done every 6 months as well.I will increase my dosage to 1 tbl every day next month.Only because it is a detox antidote as well. 
WISH ME LUCK EVERY ONE And i will follow up.  

James Kavcic


James Kavcic - follow up from a few months ago

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