Consciousness: Hatred Corrodes, Love Heals & Empowers; Golden Ratio & Reality w/ Phil & Max (1of2)



Consciousness: Hatred Corrodes, Love Heals & Empowers; Golden Ratio & Reality w/ Phil & Max (Part 2of2)

Sarah Westall writes, "Scientists Phil & Max rejoin the show to discuss the science of consciousness and reality. We discuss todays world and how our negative thoughts can corrode reality while love can build and empower. Could focused negative thoughts be creating the problems we are experiencing? Could we turn our problems around with focused love and positive actions and thoughts? Current science says YES. Max and Phil explains how this works and what the cutting edge science says about the reality of our world. This conversation challenges the ideas that science is not spiritual and spirituality is not science.



Part 1 of 2: Latest on CoVid-19 from Top Doctors & Experts, Facts You Won't Hear in the MSM

Part 2 of 2: Latest on CoVid-19 from Top Doctors & Experts, Facts You Won't Hear in the MSM

Dr. Joe, Dr. Loretta, and Scientist Max rejoin the program to discuss the latest facts and data of the CoVid 19. "It's an important interview that is not a message many want to hear, but it's necessary that people know the truth so they can prepare. New data/information is constantly being discovered as the virus mutates and we learn more from the actual results and reports on the ground,: states Sarah Westall.









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The Live Longer Labs Research team shares the latest, greatest news from the world of Carbon 60 and the transformative C60live products.

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Classified Top Secret Energy Field Dye + Longevity Diet Alters 500 Genes

Live Longer Labs Scientists Phil & Max groundbreaking longevity research!

Live Longer Labs scientists Max Champie & Phil Catalano are at it again, transforming how the world perceives energy, health and longevity.

In this Sarah Westall inteview, the scientists discuss:

1. A dark blue chemical dye called ‘dicyanin’ which allows users to

see energy fields or the aura of living things.

2. Share how a vegan diet appears to alter at least 500 human genes

and has been shown to lengthen telomeres in as little as 3 months.

3. Why black seed oil, labeled the “Miracle Herb” by the

National Health Institute, bonded to Carbon 60 is the perfect combination.

NASA Scientist on Super Human Blood Plasma, Generating New Brain Activity


Live Longer Labs Research Team revolutionize the wellness world AGAIN

This video reveals how Live Longer Labs is taking the health and wellness industry into a new paradigm!

- C60Live has patented capsules of their Ultra Pure C60 and bonded it to the most therapeutic organic oil known: Black Seed Oil

- What is Bio-photon Modulation and how does Live Longer Labs use it to amplify brain activity and rejuvenate the body ?

- How Consciousness Research changes everything!

This is a MUST SEE video for all Super C60 Fans!

Science Ready to Evolve? Universal Code Defined, Power of Water


Sarah Westall's Business Game Changers "Water is conscious? and the language of the Universe has been decoded? 

Max Champie, founder of Live Longer Labs, and special guest scientists, Jonathan Leaf and Jeremy Pfeiffer explain:

- Is water really conscious?

- Codex: The language of the Universe!

- How to supercharge your life with Carbon 60 and Hydrogen Water.

- Live Longer Labs scientists conduct research to de-code water's innate intelligence. 

Watch the latest Sarah Westall interview with Max Champie, Jonathan Leaf, and Jeremy Pfeiffer!

Zombie cells attack! WHAAAT?


Extraordinary Sarah Westall interview knocks it out of the "What's not normal" ballpark!


What are Zombie cells?


This extraordinary Sarah Westall interview knocks it out of the

"What's not normal" ballpark! Live Longer Labs scientists Max Champie and Phil Catalano explain:


  • How Zombie cells age us

  • How to stop the aging process

  • How intermittent dieting forces these cells to rejuvenate

  • Why C60live plays a vital part in this process and more...!

Top Scientists/NASA Can Now Control Consciousness, C60 Blindness Study


Sarah Westall's Business Game Changers

SECRET REVEALED: Live Longer Labs uses frequency technology.

C60live gives the benefits of Carbon 60, the nutrition of the pure-grade organic oil AND the WymeclaAG frequency technology. "We mix conscious energy with electromagnetic field generation and we're able to convince any living organism to maneuver based on conscious changes in its immediate environment

- Our secret formula revealed

- Dr. Loretta Ivory shares C60live blindness study on Macular Degeneration

- Dr. Joe Nieusma's toxicology research explains how oxygen radical scavenging must be addressed. C60 attacks oxygen radicals.

- Dangers of fluoride explained. Get TwinOxide.

C60 Magna Wave Wellness Webinar with Max Champie, Phil Catalano and Dr. Loretta Ivory


Dr. Loretta Ivory shares her personal experience of dealing with Macular Degeneration and how C60live has helped her reverse the damage.

Enjoy this video excellent discussion on Carbon 60, the history of C60live, and the benefits to all, including animals.


Plus, hear the convincing fact-based testimony of Dr. Loretta Ivory, including test results and the progression of x-rays to support her results. Taking C60live is the only change she's made to her care routine. 


Dr. Ivory’s testimony is not unique. Live Longer Labs receives phone calls and letters daily on the extraordinary improvements C60live has made in so many lives.

Top NASA Scientist Explains Benefits of Carbon 60

Sarah Westall interviews Live Longer Labs Research Team

Sarah Westall's Business Game Changers features Live Longer Labs top scientists, why began creating pure Carbon60 in oil, and their personal stories on the amazing results.


Live Longer Labs is dedicated to improving quality of life. It is why we only use pure grade Carbon 60 and the finest, high-quality organic oils.

We are a self-funded research company. Why? So that we can dive deeply into the research, extract the results and report honestly without any external agendas or restrictive influences directing the results of the research.

 When Clif High talks, people listen.

"Secrets Revealed as Government Collapse / Restructuring Takes Place w/Clif High - Pt. 3".  

Sarah Westall interviewed Clif in August of 2017.  Clif revealed his favorite SECRET to feeling great: Carbon 60.  Within an hour of the interview, the Carbon 60 website he mentioned SOLD OUT!

Clif High is a world-renowned computer scientist and linguistic who has been credited as the founder of the Predictive Linguistics field, a powerful process that analyzes vast amount of internet data to predict future language about future events, due to the nature of humans.  He owns and operates


Fast-forward to the 4:50 minute mark and enjoy what Clif has to say about the research, science, and the benefits of C60.


Links mentioned in this video are:

C60 Purple Power   |   Bucky Balls   |   Carbon 60

Living 150-200 years: Is it a reality?

Preparing for Long Life, What's Next? Part 1

Sarah Westall interviews Clif High. Clif gives advice on taking C60 and planning to live in this newer, longer lifespan reality.

Clif explains his "Die young at an advanced age" strategy means living much, much longer, possibly even to 150-200 years, AND feeling young and vital. He explains, "Because I am taking C60 and other life-extension programs, IMO, I need to craft a strategy to feel great when I'm old."

Some additional facts and concepts he presents are:
1. Gluten was never meant to be digested.  He stressed the importance of analyzing the amount of gluten one consumes.
2. Many are mineral deficient, in particular, iodine deficient. Measures to ensure we are getting a healthy amount of iodine is necessary for longevity.


For more pearls of wisdom, watch the video!

Live Longer Labs is dedicated to improving quality of life.  It is why we only use pure grade Carbon 60 and the finest, high quality oils.

We are a self-funded research company.  Why?  So that we can dive deeply into the research, extract the results and report honestly without any external agendas or restrictive influences directing the results of the research.

Could C60 Increase Adult Stem Cell Count Dramatically

C60 Super Fan Richard Jordan documents his C60 + Stem Cell treatment to repair 2 torn rotator cuffs and meniscus.

Thank you Richard for documenting your recovery process and sharing your C60 results!


Interviewed by Dustin Nemos

Inventor Adam Curry reveals C60live is his health secret


Exploring Consciousness, Breakthrough Technologies, and Quantum Entanglement with Adam Curry


Adam reveals how he is able to perform at top levels, mentally and physically.  Adam is the creator of the Entangled mobile app designed to explore the effect of mass consciousness and co-founder of which focuses on bringing breakthrough scientific discoveries to market.

At approximately 1 hour 18 minutes in, Adam mentions Live Longer Labs and how C60live has helped him for 18 months.

We did not ask Matt to highlight C60live.  It's going viral because it's truly amazing.

The Quest for Immortality with C60 & Ancient & Futuristic Healing Technologies with Dr. Har Hari

Dr. Har Hari Khalsa is a Yogi, Chiropractor and has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to studying the leading edge of health and wellness. In this episode, he shares ancient yogic techniques as well as cutting-edge technologies in the medical field, including why he takes C60.



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