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Dr. Joe for Hope

Weekly Vlog

​91% of Doctors have been paid by Big Pharma...!

Is your doctor one of them?

In this interview with Sarah Westall, Toxicologist, Dr. Joe Nieusma, PhD, reveals the importance of knowing what's really happening in the world of Big Pharma.


  • Know what you are taking.

  • Know what it is doing to your body.

  • Know WHY your doctor prescribed it.

  • Is it helping or hurting you?


Dr. Loretta Ivory

dR. Loretta reveals her personal battle and how c60live turned it around

Dr. Loretta shares it all! In her battle with Macular Degeneration, doctors and prescription drugs weren't helping. Then she started taking C60live. She shares her medical test results to prove the dramatic change C60live made to help her beat MD!



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NEWS FLASH! LiveLongerLabs has filed multiple patents securing C60 all MCT (medium chain triglycerides) oils and curcumin, including, but not limited to olive, sunflower, coconut, black seed, and avocado. Stay tuned for exciting product developments.

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