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Hi there! I have a question - I am 58 and have been taking your product C60Complete. Have been having rcurrence of hot flashes when they had stopped. I don't think that is good if it is making me estrogen dominant again - what do you think?  
Really appreciate your work - if I lived near you I would quit my job and come help! Would appreciate any response. Thank you

Charlotte S. 

We have a lot of women see a reduction or reversal of menopause. All age related issues are widely accepted as normal, when they are "system failure" due to a build up of oxidative species.

What if taking C60 allows you to a live much longer and robust llife? Would you want it to be after age related issues had set in? The product is not artificially creating hormones, it is removing oxidative stress that causes system failure (accepted age related changes). If looking, feeling and being younger are not in your intent then reduce dosage and gracefully grow old.

We are still doing things in our 60+ ages that men in their 40s stop doing. We refuse to allow the accepted age system to delegate our destiny.

Namaste, Max n Phil

My name is Robert Branson, age 69 in 3 weeks, and I began using C60 in olive oil on August 18th, 2015 at age 63 (improved memory!).  I noticed immediate small improvements at first, while using very small doses of this revolutionary product.  Aches and pains were reduced, energy levels improved, psoriasis disappeared, joint pain from advanced osteoarthritis in my left hip was slowly going away and range of motion was improving.  As weeks and months went by my blood pressure started to steadily drop into the “normal” range, after being “borderline hypertensive” for 20 years (never treated with meds, only lifestyle changes).  I seldom needed to take my daily nap at all and if I did, it would only last about 15 – 20 minutes.  

As ongoing research progressed at Live Longer Labs, I tried the differing products available and have had the most wonderful opportunity to notice additional changes in my life.   Cognition continues to show significant improvement over time, I have a very positive attitude 95% of the time, meditation is easier to begin and more effective (further reducing blood pressure), the left hip is so much better that I am no longer considering surgical remedies or injection treatments of any kind. In fact, over the past 6 months I’ve been helping a good friend with construction and building maintenance projects that I would not have attempted before C60.  I seem to have the immune response of a very young healthy child and I no longer get sick much at all.  In 7 years I have had 2 minor sinus infections, treated at home without doctors or meds for one week, and I used to get these 2 or 3 times each year, lasting for weeks each time.  Even with advanced arthritis I’m still able to workout in the weight room 4 days out of 6 and to go for a walk on the off days, if not working on outdoor projects.  During all of this, I have occasionally used C60 to reduce / remove skin growths of many types, as well as facial wrinkles, with topical application.  

In August of 2019, I knew that I had to renew my driver’s license the following February and I knew that my eyesight had been slowly improving over the previous 4 years, after starting C60.  I no longer used my driving glasses because they didn’t seem to be working and I’d had a restricted license for 20 years.  As the date for renewal came closer, I wondered if I should try to pass the eye exam without correction.  To be on the safe side, I went to the optometrist for a checkup so I could have new glasses with me in case I needed them to pass the test.  She (the doctor) told me that she didn’t think I would need the glasses but I ordered them anyway.  I passed the test first try, have never needed the glasses since, and I still experience vision improvements over time.  Most recently, I find that I need reading glasses less and less and am now able to read books, magazines and newspapers reasonably well without them much of the time.

I could continue listing positive changes that would bore most folks; however, I am most pleased with the cognitive improvements, the vision improvements and the ability to remain as active as ever.  Of course, all of this is the reason for such a happy and positive overall attitude!  

How fortunate am I to have had such a fantastic experience while learning so much with respect to reversal of the “normal aging process”?  I don’t see doctors or take pharmaceutical medications of any kind and plan to continue to gracefully grow younger as time marches on.  I cancelled my “medical gap insurance” and am now considering cancellation of Medicare “part B” simply because I doubt I’ll ever need it.

Many blessings, lasting thanks and the best of all things to the team at Live Longer Labs.  Your products are professionally developed, completely safe and delivered on time.  I use them with complete confidence and must commend you all for your dedication and hard work while helping countless people overcome the many health challenges of our time.  Your C60 Complete formula is amazing!  

Live Long and Well!

Robert Branson, January 2021

The morning of our father's funeral my sister broke out with shingles on her face.  She was stressed and in pain.  I had C60 olive oil and had her put one drop on the blisters every hour.  Shortly after first application the pain became bearable.  Next morning there was no pain.  Third morning the blisters were scabs.  By the time she was home she could forget about it.   A blessing and miracle for her.  

I also have a patient that has dementia and falls a lot.  Her skin is thin and she is constantly bleeding.  C60 seals up the wounds quickly and scabs form almost immediately to a day.  Within 5 days the scab is gone and there is pink skin.  And yes, we are seeing slow progress on her verbal skills. 


Vision, and mental clarity
High energy levels
Childhood scars mysteriously healing... like WTF!?
Bags under my eyes are gone
These are results and it hasn't even been a week
Within the first hour of taking a teaspoon dose of C60, i felt it kick in like... whoooaaa(is this some sort of trip)...
... then about 30 min later i felt it permeate my brain part of my body
Feels like i had some sort of detox down to my core, i feel lighter and no dross
Seems as if i have better communication at the cellular level, like the healing is so much faster
I strongly recommend this product...i hardly ever write a product review, but this C60 is well worth it.


I have a 13 yr old yorkie suffering from arthritis and joint pain.  She yelps when she has to move. Laid down with stiff legs and rear hip joints. Sad sight, even considered putting her down from the suffering but couldn't.  I tried C60live on her, giving here some every morning and wiithin 10 days she has started to move without pain. She stands and wags her tail and by golly I think this stuff is amazing!

Dale D., CA

I had a major accident 6 years ago from which I only semi-recovered, and the rest of my body was falling apart trying to compensate for the injury.  I was a mess. Then I heard about c60  and started taking your C60 over 2 months ago.  At first I noticed a bump in energy levels and better mental clarity, then after about 2-3 weeks I noticed my body started getting better.  The tendonitis from compensating just got better, the pain from the injury diminished significantly and now it feels like it is finally starting to heal. I'm actually feeling so much stronger and brighter I can't thank you enough. This product has been a Godsend for me: I am going to get my life back! Thank you!


About a year and a half ago I had a mole appear under my lower eyelashes. It wasnt black, but my mascara would always end up there. I was going to make an appointment with the dermatologist to have it removed. I had gotten my first order of C60 (taking 1 dropper a day), and within 3 days the mole was starting to shrink. I thought that it must be my imagination because nothing happens that fast; but within a month it was totally gone. I haven't noticed any other changes since taking the C60, and probably would have just quit ordering it eventually; but that one little thing has made a believer out of me. It's definately doing something!


Just got results from my Cardiologist on my heart and blood. I am in my mid 80's and have battled cholesterol for years. My Cardiologist was spell bound at my Echocardiogram and my blood results. wanted to know what changes I have made in my lifestyle. I showed him the C60live product. Amazing! 
Thanks so much for your efforts and continued research. RS Oklahoma

Rod K., OK

C60Live olive oil was aquired my me to try self-dosing of two loved ones. This is the result so far for these two Self-Dosing experiments:

Person Case 1
Auto Immune Deficiency Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), female, 63. The CFS started 20 years ago.
CFS is a silent epidemic affecting millions of Americans. The MIC (medical industrial complex) does not recognize it as a defined disease. The symptoms are extreme and constant exhaustion and constant infections and illnesses. The immune system is overwhelmed and the aerobic system becomes oxygen-starved, lactic acid saturated. Recovery time for any physical exertion is extensive. In the weakened state, the immune system cannot defend against bacterial and virus threats that normally are kept in check/balance. Sickness is a near constant state. Infections that would normally last for days, persist for months. A chronic eye infection is an example in this case.
This person has dosed C60Live olive oil for two months at a rate of 3 bottles per month. Application has been sub lingual.
Prior to dosage, the person was confined to a chair for entire days, sometimes weeks.
The person has a semi-intense ketogenic diet.
Results: The person can be active daily in their home with normal recovery time. The person has begun a hiking regime of three times per week, in the mountains, of 3-5km per hike. Recovery time is almost normal. The eye infection has gone into remission. These results have been a tremendous relief to the person.
Person Case 2
Macular Degeneration, female, 80 age, condition started 8 years ago, near legally blind for the last 4 years. Under MIC treatment for 6 years, a $3,000 chemical shot directly into the eyes once every 90 days, or as symptoms worsen. Symptoms stable, but no improvement for the last 4 years. This person takes no prescription drugs and eats a healthy diet, and exercise walks regularly.
Dosage: 1 bottle per week C60Live olive oil. Sub lingual, and swallowed with food. Two months as fo this writing.
Results: Eye sight improvement tested with eye charts, the clearing of the permanent gray cloud in the center-focus area of the eyes. The gray circles are gone. This has been the only improvement experienced in 8 years of treatment by the MIC (medical industrial complex). Energy: the person has increased endurance in walks and rapid recovery time. The mental focus and clarity of the person has increased, as defined by them. These improvements have been a tremendous relief to the person.


I'm 64 year old male, physically active, and the last 5 or 10 years I really started showing my age. After a little over a month, I'm ready to declare this stuff magic. I'm noticing so many areas of improvement. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Phillip Hillis

Don't buy the less quality product tainted with solvents. I have tried them from many other sources and C60live is superior in my personal testing. 65 yrs and looking and feeling younger in every way. Amazing 

Mike N., CA

I suffer from atrial fibrillation as a complication of congestive heart failure.  I bought two bottles of C60 from another vendor that was supposed to be very good.  After taking a teaspoon a day for six weeks I saw no results.  Then I caught the Sarah Westall interview and ordered some bottles from this company.  After just one week of taking just one dropper full a day the pain in my knees and hips has subsided dramatically.  I used to have a weird limping gate due to the pain I was in.  Now I can actually walk normally again!  The fluid/swelling of my lower legs has gone down noticeably.  I've been looking for a solution to this fluid build up for over five years.  The C60 from this lab is the first product or pharmaceutical that has shown any positive results.  Can't wait to see where I'm at after a month of taking this product.  Thanks to Sarah and very much thanks tot he folks at Live Longer Labs!

Tony R.

I’m a US Army (Retired)/Disabled Veteran) and have some medical issues, due to many years in the military.  I have been taking C60 for over six months now and can testify to the following benefits; my knees and lower back pain are very minimal now.  I sleep better, since I have trouble reaching that REM sleeping stage, due to my sleep apnea; my eyesight is much better, as I can view the menu guide on the TV screen now without my glasses, my energy level is up, to the point my kids give me a weird look now; my skin is not as dry and some brown spots on my hands and arms have disappeared.  Lastly, it has improved my muscle tone; despite me not doing any exercise. This could be a possible indication, that my testosterone levels may be higher; however, I have not completed a lab test yet to verify.   
I have known the inventor, and his family for several years, because of other inventions/green energy projects and can attest to the character and integrity of the inventor, his business and his family.  
This testimonial may sound bias; but the inventor knows me very well. I would not be writing anything, if the product didn’t work.  The inventor and I get along, because he is exactly like me – do the right thing and call it like you see it.  
I thank him and his colleagues for sharing this product and the others products they are working on now to help people improve their quality of life.

Ed, Carpe Diem!

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